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THE MUSEUM IN THE NEWS    Recent mentions in local publications are helping to create great interest in the Big House Prison Museum.

The anticipation is building . . . Jim Brown, the secretary/treasurer of the Old Guard Foundation, revealed the plans for the Big House Prison Museum today in this front page feature story in The Sacramento Bee. (April 30, 2013)

In other public relations news . . . The Folsom Lake Entertainer, a colorful supplement to the Folsom Telegraph, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what to do for fun in Folsom and the surrounding areas, and the January 2013 edition was no exception.  A close-up cover photo of the iconic granite and steel East Gate of Old Folsom Prison, and two stories inside about the longtime fixture of the Folsom landscape, gave a grand shout-out to the profession and our Big House Prison Museum project.

The Folsom Telegraph, which has been around a bit longer than Folsom State Prison, better known as Old Folsom, and the Telegraph supplement, Folsom Lake Entertainer, can be found online at

In another media mention, OG Foundation Board Member Jim Brown recently talked with Sacramento Magazine reporter Jan Ferris Heenan about the Big House Prison Museum project while giving her a tour of the Folsom Prison Museum   Unfortunately, her piece that appeared in their February 2013 edition was very short, but the good news is Brown is keeping her updated on the project.  Hopefully, we’ll see more and more info about the Museum in the pages of Sacramento Magazine as the project moves forward.